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HI PALS, PLIZ HELP . I work as a housegal hapa Nairobi n of late bwana ya madam amekuwa akija kwa bedroom yangu usiku anaingiza mkono kwa blanketi ananitoa chupi anaanza kunifingaa.... I usually push him away , I consider screaming but naogopa kuloose job ...... Sasa Jana usiku nikiwa nimelala nilistukia ananipaka mate kwa katam kangu akitaka kuingiza WHAT SHOULD I DO? ........ SEE MORE AND COMMENT HERE ....... Comments fupi fupi plz na likes nimalizie hii risto



A man went to a restaurant with just ksh 50. So he ordered for food worth ksh 40. As he sat down to eat, a man sitting besides me putting on a nice shirt said to him: “Sir, I love the way you eating, you can add more food, I will pay”. The man quickly added more food for khs 80. The guy then told him again: “You eat so well; add 2 bottles of soft drinks so that you can drink after eating”. He made the order. after drinking one bottle, he tried opening the second bottle, the opener fell down and as he bent over to pick it, he was shocked to see that the man who sat beside him was bare footed. Then he noticed that he was a mad man. The mad man smiled, looked at The Guy and said: “The way they are going to beat you here today, only God will save you!”


A TOUCHING STORY A man and his wife were traveling to Italy by air, as they were at the peak of the journey, the pilot announced that: “Ladies and gentlemen, we are sorry to announce that one of the engines has stopped working while the remaining one is not functioning as required, therefore, we may … Continue reading MORE FUNNY TOUCHING STORIES


Phone rings.... GIRL: Hello Babe.. GUY: My luv how r u doing? GIRL: Am fine bae.. just missing you GUY: Will you be free during the weekend, u come to my house? GIRL: Am sorry I cant make it because I will be attending my aunty's wedding and the next day i'l be busy, im … Continue reading FUNNY LOVE

I Love You Lord

PLEASE READ THIS CONVERSATION! Boy: Honey Girl: Darling Boy: I want to tell you something Girl: go on my love Boy: you know that I love you so much Girl: Yes, even if I was not told Boy: I want to tell you that Ihave found another lover! Girl: dont furnish me with that joke … Continue reading I Love You Lord