MUST READ ARTICLE. (Heart Touching Story)

I was 15 years when i started my love with Sarah. She was 14 years by that time. I felt attracted to her and loved her and in return she paid me her love in full.

We could go together at school, but at home our parents did not want our relationship because first of all we were young and again our families had conflicts. But we promised

each other never to be apart…


We never had sex that’s why i tell young girls that someone who loves you should be patient but not forcing you.

We kept our love for one more year and due to increasing wars in our country their family went to a refugee camp from Mogadishu to Northern

She came to me and told me they are leaving,

I reminded her of what she promised that she’ll never leave me.

She replied me that this is beyond her control but promised me again she’ll be back.

We hugged each other, kissed each other as we cried saying goodbye.

But we both had hope of meeting each other again.

Soon after their departure, in the news, the two cars carrying refugees were hit by a bombs and no one survived.

When i heard that Sarah was dead, all my hope was gone.

I cried and cried remembered her last kiss and hug i thought i had nothing good to live for.

My parents tried to give me counseling but failed. I couldn’t eat or sleep and when i’d feel am about to die i would take a cup of milk or water and kept my life though this happened for like two weeks

.We fear Jinnes (ghosts) but i wished she could come as a ghost and say the last word to me.I wished that at-least if i had left Somalia and gone with her you never know i’d have done something to save her.

I never fell in love again because of her memories i prayed to Allah (God) to remove her from my mind but it failed.

After my Education by that time i was 20 years i left for a job in Nairobi Kenya, i worked for days, weeks and months.

After one and a half years, i was at my workshop and saw someone passing on the road.

She was someone i knew but i lost my senses to know who she’s cos to me Sarah was dead.

I kept looking at her went outside and reached near her but feared to say something to her.

She then looked at someone starring at her and turned around when she saw me i saw joy covering her face.

I couldn’t wait her to reach me but went running to meet her, hold her and let her inside where i worked.

Everybody wondered how happy i was that day cos i was never ever happy since the last five years.

I asked her: we were told you died in a bomb blast

.Sarah: we were in three trucks and ours was spared the bombs hit the other two.

Then me: why didn’t you come back as you promised?

Sarah: my dad after six months got a job in Nairobi and i had no transport to take me back and as you know he can’t give it to me cos he is not interested in our love but i knew one day we will meet that’s why i kept ur heart.

I asked her: whats next now.

Sarah: Tomorrow come at home and i show you to my parents again and we plan our wedding.

The following day i dressed up like a man ready to take someones daughter, went with my friend and she waited for us on the junction.

We reached at their home and they gave us a welcome.My friend told them that we want their daughter in marriage.

Her dad started speaking: i never wanted my daughter to be married to you before because of our conflicts between families.

But may God forgive me, it seems that’s how it was meant to be.

May God bless ur Marriage.

As we said Amen, the next step was going to Somalia where my parents were and we do our wedding.

I went with her and my friend together with her brother as we left for Somalia. Soon as we had left Nairobi, a bus that was coming towards us lost control.

When i woke up in the hospital ward, my friend was lying next to me as doctors were preparing his body to mortuary.

Sarah for her she died on spot as soon as the vehicle we were in crashed with the bus.

Sarah’s brother’s leg was cut and he is now moving with one leg and supporters Sarah’s dad told me as he found me in the hospital “be brave my son, everything goes as it was meant to be.

Don’t be discouraged, that’s life” his words did something in my heart.

I was 21 years then now am 26 years but since then i have never fallen in love with any girl neither do i feel like marrying again




  1. How to have sex
    with a virgin girl
    Step 1
    Kiss her very hard
    Step 2
    Grab her ass and
    kiss her boobs
    Step 3
    Tell her you love
    her and that you won’t
    hurt her
    I’ve got no idea you are
    reading that, I wrote that
    to get your attention
    because people ignore
    God’s message and give
    attention to silly things that
    doesn’t help. Do you know
    Jesus died for you.
    He is the reason why
    you’ve made it this far,
    he’s the reason why you are happy today, let me tell you this: God loves you
    Can you just take 10
    seconds of your time to
    type Amen


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