Our Heavenly Father
we come before you again this time of the hour thanking you for all you’ve done for us throughout the day

We thank you for the gift of life and protection you are offering to us your children you’ve led us safely throughout the day and made it success for us

May you again have watch over us tonight as we rest our dear father

Sent us your Guardian angels to protect us tonight from any evil that might have been planned against us oh lord

Cover as by the blood of your son and let’s be safe under thy hands tonight for it is my humble prayer in Jesus mighty name.AMEN




2 thoughts on “TONIGHT’S PRAYER

  1. Lord let me have favour with you, arise
    o my God, and anoint me with holy oil.
    Today I come against all evil and
    negative thoughts that Satan and his
    agents have planted in my heart.
    I destroy them in the name of Jesus. I
    rebuke all demons controlling them in
    the name of Jesus
    I silence all demons disturbing my
    spirit in the name of Jesus
    I release the fire of the Holy spirit to
    destroy every source of evil thoughts
    in Jesus name
    I bind, rebuke and cast out all anti
    favour demons, anti-prayer demons,
    anti-miracle demons, anti-deliverance
    demons and all rebel spirits causing
    hindrances in the heavenlies, air, land
    sea or under the sea in Jesus name
    I nullify their power in the name of
    Jesus Christ
    I nullify and destroy all curses and
    garments of ill luck, curses and
    garments of failure, curses and
    garments of shame, curses and
    garments of hatred, curses and
    garments of death, curses and
    garments of disappointment and any
    other curse or garment of the devil
    hindering me from receiving my favour
    I rebuke, bind and cast them out in
    Jesus name
    I destroy any book of the devil in
    which my name is written for any
    I rebuke and cast all demons working
    on those books in the name of Jesus
    I erase my name with the blood of
    Jesus from the temple of the devil,
    shrine and mystic homes in Jesus
    I come against all marks of hatred
    and all marks tattooed on my body
    which hinder me from receiving my
    divine favour.
    I erase them with the blood of Jesus
    I erase with the blood of Jesus marks
    of disappointment, marks of sorrow,
    marks of hatred, marks of poverty,
    marks of ill-luck, marks of sicknesses,
    marks of failure, marks of trouble and
    every other visible or invisible mark
    I bind rebuke and cast away in Jesus
    name demons following me because of
    these marks
    I wash myself with the blood of Jesus
    and command the good angels of the
    Lord to follow me

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