It was 9:30pm when I woke up from my sleep I immediately remembered that I had to be at babis for the fundraiser.

The election was to hold in 6weeks time, though we had campaign posters all over the campuses (mini and main);

National was having the upper hand.

He had more financial power than Abayomi.

Abayomi came from what I would describe as an average family; his dad was a retired banker while his mum was a civil servant.

My dad ran 8 big stores in Alaba international market.

He dealt with the importation of Samsung and sharp electronics.

My dad didn’t go to secondary school talk less of a university.

He came to Lagos immediately after the Biafran war, worked as a sales boy for Mr koledowo of blessed memory at idumota.

Idumota was one of the biggest markets in the 70’s. Things went smoothly for a while until Mr koledowo’s wife died.

He never really recovered from the shock. He himself died November 17th, 1979, leaving his store to my dad.

Shortly after his demise, his family came to close the store leaving my dad with nothing.

My dad had made some friends with some Ghanaians who were regular customers.

Mr Antwi allowed my dad stay with his family provided that my dad worked for them for free.

As providence would have it, in 1983 the Ghanaians were evicted from Nigeria.

Though the government of Nigeria said it was due to economic hardships, my dad always maintained that it was a form of retaliation.

In 1969, Nigerians had been evicted from Ghana. Once again, my dad inherited another man’s store.

Fast forward to 2007, my 47 year old dad, Chief Dike was a millionaire; my mum was an house wife.

I had supported the elections financially even more than Abayomi, but it wasn’t enough.

A lot of freshers adorned tee-shirts with National’s beaming smile on them.

Even some girls in my compound had theirs, disloyalty!

I wouldn’t have been able to get to babis on time if I had boarded a taxi, I decided to meet John, my neighbor who had a car and could easily drop me off.

Me: john!
No reply

I knocked his door but he didn’t open, I was forced to peep through the window because I could hear music from his one room apartment.

Lying in bed was John, with his naked albeit a G-string girlfriend sprawled like an eagle beside him.

Cans of sprite and a bottle of Johnny walker were nearby.

I walked to Itamerin bus-stop to get a bike to babis.

Babis was crowded when I got in, it was filled with most of the club guys and girls unwinding from the week long lectures.

I skimmed the crowed until I saw Abayomi seated with some people just by the bar.

I was squeezing myself for a way through the crowd when a hand pulls me back.

Turning back I saw the slim body and apologetic smile of Acho.

Acho: I thought you said you were staying indoors tonight

Me: its really none of your business Acho

Acho: I see you have already forgotten about me

Me: you are kindha smart, now let go of my hand some people are waiting for me.

Acho let go immediately, ‘yahooze’ by olu-maintain was booming in the back-ground as a couple of students flooded the park that stood as the dance floor.

Acho: I will miss you

Me: I bet you will honey.

She continued walking to the area were Abayomi sat.

He didn’t see her as he continued arguing fervently with somebody, she didn’t recognize the person nor the other people sitting around the table.

It wasn’t long before Abayomi saw her and screamed.

Abayomi: you can be very annoying!, we have been here since 9pm, look at the time you are coming

Me: Ab, is that how to talk to a lady, your mum did a rotten job raising you

Abayomi: you papa left yansh!

Me: ishiewu

Abayomi: come and hug me jor

Me: body odour o

I quickly scrutinized the people sitting around the table.

Dada was at the right hand side of Abayomi, Kofo sat at his left with her fake lashes almost covering her eyes, Uche was holding a bottle of Gulder while Qudus sat at the corner.

Seeing Uche there left me with an uneasy feeling, he was one of the boys that was feared in mini-campus where most of the science students of the university received their lectures. TO BE CONTINE..


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