Once a boy mistakly killed his mother’s goat.

He prayed that his elder brother would not tell his mother ‘Mercy’, indeed! the elder brother showed him

And this is how The boy then became a slave to his elder brother with each day that passed, as the elder brother cashed in on his knowledge of little boy’s crime and the fact that he was afraid to let the mother know about it

He made the boy his slave. He would order him around to run endless errands for him Wash his clothes, wash the dishes in the house alone,

Fetch water for himself and for him from the stream.

Also, he would eat his meal and also join HIM in eating his own threatening to report the little boy to mummy should he offer any resistance.

Because THE BOY would rather die than let anyone tell his mother about his crime, he kept on doing his brother’s bidding he who pays the piper

This continued for close to a year little BOY was losing weight and confidence as well as showing signs of frailty but he couldn’t dare to complain or raise his voice against his brother for obvious reasons.

One day THE little BOY got some sense in him and said to himself Am I not tired of this misery

Am I not tired of this slavery in my own father’s house and in the hands of my own brother

I am breaking loose I know my FREEDOM lies in my CONFESSION and I have made up my mind to make that confession.

Never again will I be a slave to anyone

Unknown to his elder brother, little BOY took courage, went to his mother in profuse tears of repentance and knelt before the mother, unable to utter a word

The mother asked her troubled child What is troubling you, my son?Let us reason it out
Talk to me I am your mother and you are my beloved son;whatever it is, just say it

As soon as the mother mentioned Whatever it is”THE BOY summoned courage and spoke “Mum, do you remember your goat that was killed about this time last year by an ‘unknown person?

I am that unknown person I killed the goat mistakenly and knowing how fond of it you were, I was afraid to tell you.

I am sincerely sorry, mum. And HE cried on even louder but conspicuously remorsefully!”

BOY’S mother responded
“Oh, my son, I know you did it I knew it all along.

I watched you from my room’s window as you accidentally hit the goat and it died and I have since forgiven you.

I also knew what you were going through with your brother but then I prayed for a day like today for you to become man enough to confess your offense and now that day has come.

Look, my son, never put the task of burying your sins in the hands of men because they will use them against YOU

Lay your sins and failings instead at the foot of the Master and leave them there. I am proud of you my son.”


Little BOY went away happy, lighter, better and forgiven

He regained ALL of his freedom.
The next morning, as they were getting set to go to the stream to fetch water, the elder brother asked little THE BOY to carry his pot for him, as he had now become accustomed to.

But too late! Little BOY told his elder brother, “that was the BOY of yesterday this BOY will never carry your pot or be a slave to you anymore.

We’ll each carry out our individual responsibilities henceforth take your pot, I take mine and to the stream we go.

Furious the former master said to his former ‘slave’ “I am off to mum to report you

I will tell her you killed the goat”.

The now confident THE BOY retorted: “that will be fine, you bully

Only that you are not very smart I have told her myself. I didn’t know that all I needed to do was to confess my offense to mum and ask for clemency until it hit me that freedom from your chains was possible and easy.

The oppressed must not remain silent forever.” He went and realized that indeed THE BOY had confessed his offense to their mother and so the elder brother became ashamed of himself.

Dear friend, see yourself as little BOY his elder brother as the accuser of the brethren (Satan) and his mother as our All-Merciful God.

Whatever sin you commit, the devil sees, he takes notice of and records everything you do in the dark and in the open, in the physical but what happens in the spiritual dimension the moment you forsake sin and renounce wickedness is unknown to him–the language of “old things becoming new” in 2Corinthians 5:17 is unknown to the devil

Each time you sin, therefore, don’t wait, go and ask God for mercy.

When you’ve asked God for mercy and the devil.

But you are not smart because I am not my past

My God has washed me clean and purified me and justified me and sanctified me; mercy has been shown me.

*Goodbye treasure of sin, I am staying no longer with you.

I have made up my mind, to go God’s way for the rest of my life


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