Father: Bring me a soda
Child : Coke or pepsi
Father: Coke

Child : Big or small
Father: Big
Child : Bottled or tinned

Father: bottled
Child : opened or sealed

Father: sealed
Child : with a straw or glass

Father: glass
Child : on a try or not

Father: urgh…ok bring water
Child : cold or warm

Father: Aahh…i will beat you stupid
Child : with a stick or slippers

Father: i swear i will kill you
Child : with a gun or knife

Father: Go away
Child : now or later

Father: oh my God i wish i produced yoghart!!
Child : Strawbery or vanilla….


A #touching_story

Read be4 u scroll down

A 26 yrs old man came back home frm work.he found his ex sleeping on his bed.

He was shocked,,, he wake her up to ask wat is going on with her n how does she get in her….she answered…. THen He started touching her

After two minutes he touched her again n she respond by touching his arm…………. Thnx 4 ur time… like i’ve said its a touching_story


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