My Sister and I lost our parents at the age of 4-5years through A CAR ACCIDENT.

After our parents death my wicked uncle and his wife inherited all my parent’s property since we were young and promised to cater for us.

Few days later things became worst ..we stopped schooling since he refused to pay our fees .

They mistreated US..living with them was like a hell.

I couldn’t bear to see myself and sis suffering..

One night I packed out and run away from home with my sis to begin life on the street.

We became beggers on the street ..slept at filthy place our clothes looked very dirty.

Life was so unfair to us but we had no choice.

UnFortunately, one afternoon we were begging on the street when one woman in a car ..asked me.. ‘Where are your parents??’..

I started crying bitterly and I humbly told her my story .

She felt my pain and told me I shouldn’t worry she will help US..soon everything will be well again .

Few days she came around and took us to her home..

I was happy but sad because she’s a total stranger to us. She told us she’s got no children so she want to adopt us…we got excited..at last our suffering will end.

She gave us good education and treated us so well.

Now my SISTER is a DOCTOR and I’m an ENGINEER.

Today your life can change too just believe and trust in GOD.


I declare The Almighty God will take away anything that constitutes reproach in your life; promotion is coming your way, your wounds shall be healed, your tears shall be wiped away, and your stolen blessings shall be restored in multiple folds in the name of the Supreme GOD !!


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