soo funny lucky mom


A mum was lucky enough to see her three daughters wed in the same year, so she whispered to each of them

“After your weddings, text me your first night experience and don’t forget to text it in a coded way!”

After a week, the first daughter sent ‘NESCAFE’ inan sms 2 her mum while a week later, the second sent ‘BENSON’.

Their mum, as a ‘soji woman’ picked upa tin of Nescafe and read from d label “fantastic till d last drop!”

She also went to her husband’s pack of Benson cigarettes and found written on it “Extra long, king size!”

she thought aloud “not too bad for them at their age”

A few days later, her third daughter’s text comes in, “JKA: Nairobi – Kano!”.

So Mama calls jka Air information desk to inquire about their Kano to Nairobi flight.

She was told, “Its 3 times daily, 7 days a week and the flight duration is 75 minutes to and fro!”

Mama throws herself in the air, lands, slumps and faints shouting…

“Yeeeeee! Eleyi ma pa mi lomo O! ( this one will kill my daughter!)”


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