A man died and went to heaven.

He was guided by angel Gabriel as he move through God’s premises.

These where his observations In 1st room,he saw many angels & they where so busy.

The man asked angel Gabriel.

What are they doing, angel replied,

They are sorting letters of request {Jobs,Life,Healing etc} by people on earth according to there categories

In the 2nd room, they saw a similar thing like in the 1st room but this time the angels where busy parking something into boxes

Man asked: What are they doing?

Angel Gabriel: They are parking blessings for people’s request

In the 3rd room there was only one angel & was dozzing

Man: Why is he alone & sleeping?

Gabriel: He is here to receive thanks from people appriciating GOD for granting their request.

He is dozzing because most people forget to say thank you lord after getting what they want!

So pals let us all type Thank You Lord for providing us up to this minute


THE DEVIL is a lier,he is telling you to IGNORE but you prove him wrong by typing “Thank You Lord”



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