A girl was sent parking from a house because she refused to have sex with her landlord(owner of the house).

She had no money to pay for her rent so the landlord gave her a chance that unless she sleeps with him before he would allow her live in his house but she refused because she loved her poor boyfriend somuch.

When trying to cross the road she did’nt concentrate because she was overthinking of were to go and what to do, she had an accident and died instantly

One of the police officers that heard her story in the area of the incident where people where gathered,

Checked her phone and saw she had an incoming text massage from her boyfriend which goes like this, “baby i won a visa lottery for U and I.

Which means me and u are going to abroad next tomorrow night.

Come to my house today so I can tell u better. I LUV U”

Tears rolled down from the police man’s cheecks.

Now I declare, any untimely death that would come when your good news arrives, I DESTROY AND SEND IT BACK TO SENDER, In The IT BACK TO SENDER, In The MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST..


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