The Lord is fighting for Israel against Egypt.”

Then the Lord spoke to Moses.

He said, “Reach your hand out over the sea.

The waters will flow back over the Egyptians and their chariots and horsemen.”

So Moses reached his hand out over the sea.

At sunrise, the sea went back to its place.

The Egyptians tried to run away from the sea.

But the Lord swept them into it. The water flowed back and covered the chariots and horsemen.

It covered the entire army of Pharaoh that had followed the people of Israel into the sea.

Not one of the Egyptians was left.- Exodus 14:23-28

Say:God had already sent TEN plagues upon the people of Egypt.

He gave them many opportunities to listen and obey.

Even after their firstborn sons were killed, they STILL did not listen to God.

They chased after the Israelites, and died because of it.

Terrible consequences come to those who will not listen to God. Disobedience brings punishment.

God delivered His people, the Israelites.

Even in an impossible, trapped situation, God rescued them.

All glory and honor belongs to Him!

God knew that Pharaoh’s heart was hard toward Him because of sin and that Pharaoh was not willing to admit his sinfulness.

Our hearts are also hard toward God from the time we are born because of sin.

The Bible says the heart is “desperately wicked” ( Jeremiah 17:9).

Your sin separates you from God, because God is holy – perfectly pure ( Isaiah 59:2).

The good news is that God loves you in spite of your sin. His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, died on the cross giving His life’s blood to take away your sin and its punishment ( 1 John 1:7b).

Your sin does not have to keep you apart from God any longer.

You can believe in Him and be forgiven forever. Pharaoh refused to believe God.

He refused to listen to Him. His heart was hardened, and God knew what his sinful heart would cause him to do about the Hebrews leaving Egypt.

God wants us to listen to Him and follow Him completely.

To me, the most difficult thing for me to believe is not the parting of the sea, or of the Israelites passing through it, but the fact that the Egyptians followed them into the sea.

Think of this for just a moment.

Any well-trained army knows better than to plunge into an ambush.

Whenever an army is faced with its enemy ahead and barriers are on both sides, there is a serious concern of being trapped in the middle by your opponent.

Even worse, if you were to see the sea parted by the God of your adversary, would you be inclined to enter into that sea, knowing that you were seeking to capture the very people God was aiding to escape?

To me, there are only two possible explanations to the entrance of the Egyptians into the sea, and both of them are incredible.

One surprising possibility is that the Egyptians entered into the sea without even knowing it.

This possibility is usually one, which we would not even entertain, largely due to our own preconceived ideas of what happened. I do not know of anyone else who has come to this conclusion, so I would caution you to think critically here (as elsewhere).

Nevertheless, there are several observations that make this an option that must be reckoned with.

First, we are not told anywhere that the Egyptians knew that they were entering into the sea.

We are told that they entered the sea but it is not specifically reported that they knew this was the case. Second, the time of the passing through the sea (for both the Israelites and the Egyptians) was late at night .

Third, the pillar that gave light to the Israelites produced or promoted darkness for the Egyptians

True, the Israelites could see the sea in the light provided by the pillar, but could the Egyptians?

Fourth, it would seem highly unlikely that the Egyptians would enter into the sea, knowing that God had parted it for His people.

Fifth, the Egyptians appear to be guided only by the Israelites.

The Egyptians were in hot pursuit. Where the Israelites went, the Egyptians followed.

(It wouldn’t be difficult to follow the tracks of 2 million people, now would it?)

The Egyptians were concentrating on the object of their pursuit (the Israelites), not the scenery around them.

You tend not to see what you are not looking for.

Sixth, since the seabed had become dry ground, there would be no particular evidence that the Egyptians were in the midst of the sea.

If, perchance, my speculations here are correct, can you imagine the horror of the Egyptians when they first realized where they were?


They really did get in “over their heads” this time.


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