godislv-n.jpg My name is Cinderella, I am a banker I hardly find time for God, due to the kind of work I do, I always invite a pastor to preach for me in my house. One day while I was going to work very early in the morning. I heard a voice that spoke to me for about five seconds. I was really scared because the voice sounds so bold and real. When I reached home that same day, I called my pastor and explain what happened. After my pastor and I prayed about it, he told me that, the voice I heard was directly from God. He wants you to preach the gospel and leave your current work, the pastor said to me. I shouted, you are a liar, I can’t do that. How will I feed if I drop my job. Pastor please leave my house. After he left, couple of days passed by. He came to my house again, and this time, he came as a warning. I became very scared because I don’t want God to destroy me. After I thought of the huge amount of money I do receive in the place I work, it was a big blow to me when I resigned from the company. Finally I went to the church for the first time in a long time. When the pastor saw me, he then said to the crowd. “Please you all should stand up and pray for this young lady here, the Almighty God wants to use her.” While they were praying for me, I heard that same voice again saying, “I am what I am, I changed not. From today, you shall set my people free. I have given you powers to heal, prophecy and to deliver any kind of tribulation. Call upon me anytime, I will answer you because I have chosen you as my worker.” I fell down and worshipped his name. Immediately I had the urge to prophecy to the people in the church, I saw so many visions like a set of memory. After I prophecy to then, the lord answered me. Today, I don’t know who is reading this now, but I want to prophecy to the person reading this, no power shall stop you this year, you shall be a blessing where ever you go. All shall be well with you and your family. By this time next week, you will give a testimony. Oh I see thousands of new jobs, ¤ Shall be employed, ¤ Shall build a new house. ¤ Shall buy a new car. ¤ Admission into the university this year is certain in the mighty name of Jesus.

Stay Tuned !!!

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