HERE IS LINET SHARING HERE STORY TO US. SHE GIVES COURAGE TO THE BROCKEN HEARTED. READ IT AND SHARE…… . I'm 21 yrs old and my name is LINET I'm an orphan and fall in love with a dude whom i loved very much. He impregnated me and dodged me throughout last year. I was left stuck up in this world on my own. As my door closed and my curtains fell, a stub on my back was thrown by my elder sister whom i lived with kicked me out of the house one night. I remembered i had to sleep in the flowerbeds till morning and I was 6 months pregnant. The following day, i moved to a children's home and asked them to help me. I stayed there for a month and moved to a house of a Indian man where i worked as a house maid. When i was ready to give birth, The Indian assured me he would settle my hospital bills. When time for giving birth came, doctor said my baby was not in good position and so needed a quick operation. When my Indian boss heard of the cost of the operation, he refused to pay saying the bill was too MUCH for him. My life was in danger. I knew of one person who will always be with me no matter my bill and my condition. I knelt and said loudly ' "God i know I cant perform miracles but it doesn't mean u cant hear my prayers, come down and help me". And exactly 5 mins after this, i was taken to the labour ward and gave birth without any operation or any complications. All doctors were surprised and 2 doctors got saved. I'm now at the Indian guys place with my baby. That's my miracle and my prove of God's power.: Wow, isn't God great?! Do you believe God is powerful and there is no difficult situation He can't take you through? ~I pray for you today, that situation that has caused you to weep and ask "God where are you"? In the name of God, I command that situation to DIE in your life, Amen. ~WRITE 'AMEN' with faith if you believe God has done it. Ignore if you don't need God in your life.


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