Boy: Honey
Girl: Darling
Boy: I want to tell you something

Girl: go on my love Boy: you know that I love you so much

Girl: Yes, even if I was not told
Boy: I want to tell you that I have found another lover!

Girl: dont furnish me with that joke of yours this moment
Boy: not a joke my angel

Girl: but mine, you said that am the only lover you have

Boy: yes, I do but…..
Girl:(bend down her head and weep silently) after all the promises you made to me. She turns and left him, the boy ran after her and hold her hand and said-

Boy: but do you know the nameof the new lover?

Girl: (silent)
Boy: the new lover is God.

Girl: raised up her head
Boy: Since I loved him, every negative things changed.

I dont know how to express his goodness in my life.

See my angel, it will be good for both of us to love him more than we love ourselves, okay?

Girl: I love God.

Now if you love God, just take 5 seconds to type.


"I love you God"


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