A smartly dressed man, probably in his early 40’s, was this the subject of a scandalous confrontation with a lady who accused him of touching her in her sleep.

The two prior to the incident, were sitting together on Super Metro- a bus company that plies the Kikuyu-Nairobi route.

The lady after confronting the man said that she was sleeping when she felt someone t0uching her inner th1ghs. She was roused from her sleep and saw the man withdraw her hand while acting like nothing had happened.

She assumed that it her mind playing tricks on her, aided by the rough terrain. It is possible for l1mbs to stray right?

Minutes later, she pretended to have slumped back into her sleepy oblivion though she was keenly watching the man from the corner of her eye.

Several bumps later and the h@nd was back in her 1nner thighs, squeezing, t0uching and vi0lating her.

The lady, sure that she had caught the culprit in the act jumped into action raining blows on the mans head while attracting the attention of the passengers. FACEBOOK COMMENTS


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