A security guard was found sleeping at work.

He was fired on the spot. He cried a lot.

Then a young man saw him crying.

He went to him to hear his story. The man said, “the reason why I slept at work is because, I was at an all night prayer.

I didn’t have time to sleep.

I have been praying for a better job.

But the LORD hasn’t answered my prayer.

But I don’t mind waiting. Even if it takes him 20 yrs. I’m not waiting on GOD. I’m waiting in GOD”.

The young man said, “your prayers have been heard.

I’m going to employ you in my company.

I’m going to pay for all your further studies.”

This was a dream come true for this man.

Moral of the story;

OPEN FACEBOOK POST…… ….. Pray until something happens.

I pray for you,

God will make your dreams to come to pass in one way or the other in the Mighty name of Jesus!

Only those who believe that God can still do wonders should comment ‘Amen’ to claim this prayer and they will testify in a very short period.

Just try God and see. Comment “Amen”


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