answered-soon-n.jpg VERY TOUCHING STORY. A Man came back from Work and was about to remove his clothes and take his bath. His friend came and he asked his friend, “what would you love to drink” and the friend replied,”he only needed a cold water” He took money from his drawer and left to a shop across the road He bought the cold water and on his way back he was about to cross the road & a car was coming at a high speed but he thought he could cross the road before the CAR could get close to him. As he was crossing the car caught up with him & crushed him to death immediately! I declare and decree to you that this week and the remaining days of this year, The visitor that will send u to early Grave will not visit YOU YOU will not breath your last breath this week. Demonic messengers will not locate your address YOU will not make the mistake that will kill YOU YOU will not cry over your family and friends this week The death that is meant for another will not kill you YOU will not pass the road when its tasty for blood YOUR blood will be too hot for the road to drink this week Every demonic gathering that want to suck blood will not locate YOU YOU will not receive the PHONE call that will send you to an early grave Anybody who wishes YOU dead will go on your behalf Whatever or whoever has been assigned to bring human blood will not locate you or your children, Death will not visit your household, Gathering of tears and sorrow will not take place in your home YOU will not have any reason to visit the mortuary or cemetery this month or the remaining months in this year. What killed others will not kill you Sickness will not have access to your body YOUR picture will not be use Where R.I.P is involved As I pray for you, I also pray for my self In the Name of our glorious God, the uncreated creator of all creatures. LEAVE A COMMENT HERE AMEN & AMEN


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