God love you


“Now mine eyes shall be open, and mine ears attent unto the prayer that is made in this place.” -2nd Chronicles 7:15

God is waiting! God is listening and watching!

If you’re humble enough to pray and seek God’s face, then do it.

The result should cause you to want to please God by living a righteous life, and to equally hate sin and speak out against it.

God deliver us from the hordes of professed Christians who have no zeal for God, little concern over right or wrong, and no hostility against sin.

America is going to hell because of church-going believers who have NO PASSION about the things of God.

What is God concerned about?

God is concerned about the poor.

God is concerned about the broken-hearted.

God is concerned about the exploited.

God is concerned about the robbed and betrayed.

God is concerned about the unemployed.

And God is hateful against all the sins which cause these evils in society.

God hates the murderous abortion industry.

God hates the murderous alcohol industry and liquor trafficking.

God hates the scandalous Federal Reserve System.

God hates the enslaving Patriot Act.

God hates corruption, like Enron.

God hates all the adulterous, lewd, and violent Holly wood movies.

God hates the torture and murder of Terri Schiavo.

God hates the evil invasion of Iraq on the basis of White House LIES.

God hates theHarry Potterseries which promotes witchcraft.

God hates homosexuality, bisexuality, and transexuality.

God hates the hellish rock music industry.

God hates the adulterous country music industry.

God hates the lying propaganda of the news media.

God hates the lobbying law firms that channel the filthy lucre into the hands of Washington politicians, selling out their fellow Americans.

God hates lying.

Yes, God hates sin and all forms of wickedness.


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