be wise


Dedicated to all women

Women have the most unique character like salt, their presence is never remembered but their absence makes all the things tasteless

Pass it to all the lovely ladies… Your Mother. Your Wife.. Your sister And your friend. Forward to every woman to make her smile and to every man to make him realise a woman’s worth.


=>A real boyfriend calls his girlfriend daily and more than three times a day..

=> A real boyfriend is not afraid to kiss his girlfriend in public..

=> A real boyfriend says sorry even when his not wrong..

=> A real boyfriend keeps a smile on his girlfriend’s face.. He never wants his girl to feel sad..

=> A real boyfriend never presures his girlfriend for sex..

=> A real boyfriend doesn’t care even if his girlfriend checks his phone..He has nothing to hide..

=> A real boyfriend doesn’t cheat on his girlfriend..

=> A real boyfriend doesn’t cry about money issues.

=> A real boyfriend reminds other girls that he loves only one girl

=> A real boyfriend respects himself and he also gives respect to his girlfriend..

=> A real boyfriend plans for the future with his girlfriend in it..

=> A real boyfriend says I Love you during an argument with his girlfriend.

=> A real boyfriend does anything for his woman..

=> A real boyfriend let’s his parents know about the girl he loves..

IS THIS [u]→•… here[/u][/url/] True or False????


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