I graduated 8 years ago and since then,

I have been hunting for jobs.

I graduated with the best results but having a job became the problem.

I dated my fiance for 5 years and she was very hopeful that I would get a job after school and propose marriage to her but that was just the beginning of my worries.

I attended interviews in 9 different states in Nigeria but they all came to the same story, “Sorry, you are not qualified for this job”.

Haaa!! How could that be possible?

With all my excellent certificates and good performances during the interviews.

One day, my fiance invited me to her Church and after the Pastor preached, he went into a prayer session and his words of prophecy were aimed directly at me.

He prophesied about a young man’s future that had been tied by the evil ones which has made him unable to get a job.

After he prayed, I shouted “Amen” with faith believing that he was talking to me.

The following week, a big Oil Company called me for immediate employment with an official car and accommodation.

Indeed, our God is still in the business of performing miracles. Praise God!!!

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