1) You are a QUEEN. You deserve a KING. So why do you keep messing with these JOKERS?

2) Perhaps the reason you keep attracting dogs is because you keep wagging your tail! Stop Wagging it!!

3) It’s hard for the Guys to see that inspirational part of you… Why?? your half-naked body is blocking his view!

4) You have a half-naked picture on your profile and then act surprised and offended when Guys step to you sexually…Like seriously?

5) Stop sending mixed signals…it only confuses men.

6) If he doesn’t respect you as his fiancée, what makes you think he will respect you as his wife? RUN

7) If he’s cheating now, what makes You think marriage will change that?

8) Why fight over a man? If he’s not willing to fight for you…is he really worth the fight?

9) The Bible never says “girlfriends submit to your boyfriends”.

The HUSBAND is the head of the WIFE.

If he’s not your husband…he’s not your head!

10) You need to decide if you want to go home with him tonight or for life.

One usually precludes the other.

A real man takes You to the altar first not his bedroom

11) Why would you settle for anyone’s side dish…? you deserve to be the whole meal!

12) That thin line around the 4th finger on his left hand is NOT a birthmark…he’s married! Open your eyes You are dating a married man!

13) There ARE good men out there, but no perfect ones. Make sure your “standards” are based on reality.


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