A very poor young man has been looking for a job for years. One day when he was walking on the street he picked up an old news paper.

When he was reading it. He came across an AD. He needed that Job.

The Ad said , please bring you CV.The man had no money to type a cv.

He didn’t have a suit to wear. He didn’t have a car. But he said , with or without a suit I’m going.He picked up a dirty paper , he borrowed a pen , and he wrote his CV.

The next day he woke up early because he had no money for transport , he put on his normal clothes , when he arrive there. , 3 people were already there.

They were wearing expensive suits and shoe.These 3 men asked ,were are you going , can’t you see that you are dirty and smelling.

The man replied , I’m here for an interview.

They laughed at him. The manager , they started with the first one ,

Manager: If you get the Job what are you going to do with your first pay.

First Man: I will go overseas , I will go shopping.

Manager: OK. Manager: If you get the Job what are you going to do with your first pay.

Second Man: I will take my wife to a honey moon.

Third Man: I will buy a new car.

Then the manager called this poor man and asked him. Why dint you type your CV? Why are you not wearing a suit?

The young man replied ,I don’t have money , I don’t have a place to stay I came here on foot.

The Manager stood up and said to the poor man , The job is yours Sir. You see that car parked out there , its yours ,here is the Key to your house. We will pay for all your driving school expenses. For the time being , we will give a company driver , he will be taking you to and from home.

Moral of the story:

GOD can lift you up from zero to HERO.

He can do it for U, don’t give up.

Someone please shout AMEN



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