A guy dated a girl, and later dumped her for another girl.

It happened that the girl loved him so much that she always cried for him.

He left the girl just coz she coudnt speak english and not polished.

He cursed her and gave her and worst insult about her poor background.

The girl left that day shedding tears.

He started dating another girl which he thougt that matched his taste.

Three years later, a multi-billonaire took up this girl and polished her.

He proposed to her and married her

Wedding day came, she was suprised to find the same guy who left her and insulted her was hired as the photographer.

The guy later went to her and knelt down asking her for forgiveness.

She forgave him and asked her husband to assist him.

NOW, I pray for you. Anybody who has mocked and missused u due to your present challenges will craw on his knee to celebrate you and beg you in jesus name.

Let me hear you say amen.





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