A man hunted jobs for so many years but couldn’t find one so he decided to become a taxi driver to at least feed himself and his poor wife.

One evening, he carried an aged woman from the airport and droped her to a five star hotel.

He drove back to his home since it was late, After parking his car, he checked all the doors making sure there were locked.

As he shaked the passenger door, he noticed a purse on the passenger seat, he saw it through the mirrow and decided to open to look what it was, “A purse with a big buddle of dollars, a passport, and a card. He directely knew it was that last costomer he droped at a hotel, of all this what was important to him was the card coz it had a phone no.

He took the card and locked the door then joined his familly, He woke up early in the morning and his wife served him with breackfast as usual, As he was ready to leave his wife gave him the carkeys and told him “dear, the landlord said he needs his money fully paid in three days time. Pliz try to borrow the money as you know, we have not paid our house rent for three months now”.
The man just said ok and left, he said ok just to leave coz he had no money, He drove direct to the hotel he had droped his last costomer last night and took the card to call the no. In it, The woman recieved, she came down and was thankfull after the man gave her the purse she hadn’t noticed she had lost. She awarded the man 50 dollars and took his contacts. She was realy happy. The man was very happy that he decide to drive back home to settle the financial problems he had. After two weeks the woman called the man and met at her office. Surprisingly, she was a manager in an Oil Company so she employed the taxi driver immediately. Today, that taxi driver has fleets of cars and his own personal driver. NOW READ THIS: This story has come with a strong message but only for few people that believe and are ready to receive it, that is why “Many are called but few are chosen”. No matter how hard time is for you, God knows your prayer, He will answer it and temptatations are tests of faith in life. The man passed the test very well and God paid him, God will never let you down. MY PRAYER TO SOME ONE THERE: 1). YOUR DESTINY HELPER WILL LOCATE YOU THIS YEAR 2). THIS YEAR OF 2016, GOD SHALL NOT PASS YOUR DOORSTEP WITHOUT DROPPING YOUR BLESSINGS. IF YOU BELIEVE THIS, WRITE “AMEN” NOW TO CLAIM THIS PRAYER AND SHARE FOR OTHERS TO READ


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